Sensor can be blown away by wind and got smashed since the fixation column is weak

By: DrFahmy , 10:57 AM GMT on March 11, 2017

On Saturday 11 Mar 2017 I've observed that the outdoor sensor fixed on a camera tube has been got inclined to the north under the impact of the strong Southern wind (>20 km/hour) that has blown for couple of days, and found that the inner camera tube turns round inside the outer camera tube despite the tight fixation of the inner tube to the outer tube by three staple screws. It seems that there is an engraved tunnel through which the screws go and thus they don't prevent the turn of the inner tube inside the outer screw. I turned the inner tube by hand back to gain the original position to keep the sensor as horizontal as possible, and it turned around again under the wind even after using additional two layers of adhesive tape on the junction of the inner and outer camera tubes. Am afraid the sensor could be blown away with any strong coming wind. The only solution is to fixed the sensor by string fiber cord to prevent it getting blown by the wind. I saw a pic of a similar sensor blown by the wind the last week in USA on a site of AcuRite users.

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