'Normal' amplitude

By: MavrikiosZMavroudes, 4:05 AM GMT on April 02, 2017

A) Northern Italy's, 2009-04-06, 6.3Mw, normal faulting at 2km depth, earthquake report by NEIR, with 7-digit ePn and eSn amplitudes:
http://www.emsc-csem.org/Earthquake/alert/?id=p10 41;NEIR&date=2009-04-06

B) A simple presentation of amplitude's governing parameters found on AAPG Wiki:
'The value of RC depend on contrast of impedance acoustic (IA) where contrast of IA is proportional to RC, RC is proportional to Seismic...


Me and isoseismic damage curves; amplitude: as a destruction variable.

By: MavrikiosZMavroudes, 4:26 AM GMT on April 01, 2017

A) Me.
The derived pattern of preconditions for destructive earthquakes show that moment magnitude, and therefore indirectly moment energy, is required. A threshold of 4.9 Mw must be present for an eartquake to be destructive.
Another proof is the maximum distance of seismic epicenter to the grade VIII damage one, which distance is influenced by moment magnitude, moment tensor solution and main-shock-aftershock status.
The distance of the seismic epic...


Attenuation, collision physics and velocity.

By: MavrikiosZMavroudes, 4:57 AM GMT on March 30, 2017

For EMS-98 grade VIII earthquakes.
A) Attenuation. We have established that destructive earthquakes must possess the combination of eP and ePn waves phases as picked by seismic stations. This allows to assume three possible 'sub-types' of earthquakes: a) eP and ePn are not produced, b) they are produced but then they get totally attenuated, and c) they are produced but they are not totally attenuated, where the destructive main-shocks lie.
It is therefore...


Revealing Skopia and Salonica earthquakes regarding sediments and ray-path

By: MavrikiosZMavroudes, 11:41 PM GMT on March 17, 2017

Two earthquakes that happened in Skopia and Salonica ( links A and B) during the few previous months reveal that the ray-path -iPg & +iPg ( or diPg & ciPg) is not relevant to the destructiveness of earthquakes. It is more possible that Pernik's, Bulgaria, destructive earthquakes are due to a 6km layer of sediments that lies underneath (image1).
The scientific fact is that two earthquakes happened within my specifications that were not destructive. This compels...


Predictor of destructiveness of Chile's earthquakes.

By: MavrikiosZMavroudes, 5:18 AM GMT on March 28, 2016

Predictor of destructiveness of Chile's earthquakes.
The Chile's group of 5 destructive (or should-be) earthquakes was also analysed in respect with the appearance of 5M or 6M earthquakes worldwide, 15 days prior each earthquake, and 15 days prior plus 15 days after.
Here are presented only the results of 15 days prior only, since the results for the second group do not differ significantly.
i) Ratio of the sum of earthquakes over 4, ove...


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